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Solar Powered Brushless Dry Run Protection Pool Pump
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Product Name: Solar Powered Brushless Dry Run Protection Pool Pump
Model: P001B-D
Summary: 1.Solar pool pump
2.Dry run protected and brushless
3.Water flow:150LPH
4.Operate day and night

  Product Details
1. Description:
•DC dry run protection water pump can be powered by our solar panel
•Dry run protection prevents the pump from burning out when fountain or pool dries out
•High power efficiency and long service life
•Easy to use
•Application:Fountains, pumping water garden features, ponds ect

2. Features:
•DC brushless pump: 6V
•Flow capacity: 150LPH
•Water lift Max: 0.6M
•Water projection height: 0.3M

3. Precautions:
•DO NOT alter or change the product itself or its components
•Operate pump in freshwater only, never above 50 degrees celsius

4. Product data:
Product name: Solar pool pump
Item No: P001B-D
Operating voltage range: DC 6V
Flow rate: 150 LPH
Water lift Max.: 0.6M
Water projection height: 0.3M
Dry run protection: Yes
Flow adjustable: Yes
Removable foam filter: Yes
Connection cable length: 5M

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