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DC solar aquarium air pump for pond
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Product Name: DC solar aquarium air pump for pond
Model: P007B2
Summary: 1.Solar aquarium air pump
2.Operate direct sunlight
3.No wiring
4.Pump drives air through the hose and air stone

  Product Details

Adding a solar powered pump to your garden pond is the easiest way to add movement and life. Solar power is the smart and safe way to go, perfect for those water gardeners wanting a green solution. These solar pumps are low maintenance which offers great reliability and performance.

1) What is the selling point of this product?
Suitable for different types of solar pump, depends on your need.
Running from solar energy; environmentally friendly without cost.

2) How does it work?
When the sun hits the solar panel, it sends power to the pump, which will begin to pump water from the outlet.

3) Product data:
Product name: Solar aquarium air pump
Item No: P007B2
Include: Solar Panel
DC Air Pump
0.5 Meter Hose with 2 Air Stone
ABS Floating Support with Floating Foam
Function: Operate Direct Sunlight
Feature: Air Volume: 200LPH
Export Carton: 10pcs/CTN
20'; 40'; 3000pcs;6300pcs

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